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It is more rewarding when you’re part of a Lottery Syndicate.

It’s more rewarding because you are playing with more lines, the more entries you have in each game – and the more chances you have of winning!


Lucky Lotto is brought to you by TechXperts, a Dutch technology company who specialise in everything from gaming to online security.

With an excellent reputation earned over years in the industry, TechXperts give you the chance to play a wide range of government approved and sponsored lotteries from all over the world.

Want to seriously increase your chances of winning the lottery? Then take advantage of the many lottery syndicates we’ve created for that very purpose.

Whether you play as an individual or as part of a lottery syndicate you can enjoy popular games like EuroMillions, Powerball, Euro Jackpot, Mega Millions, UK Lotto and many more!

We give you the freedom to play the games wherever you are, whenever you want.

What We Do

A Lottery Syndicate allows you to play numerous lines for a given lottery or lotteries. You’ll then receive a share of the winnings if any of the lines wins at any prize tier level including the jackpot.

The larger the number of lines in the syndicate the higher your chances of winning. Each syndicate has a set number of shares. So, for instance, if you select a syndicate with 100 shares and then purchase 1 share and win a €100m jackpot you will receive €1m. If you purchased 2 shares you would win €2m, if you purchased 3 it would be €3m and so on.

Lucky Lotto syndicates aren’t the easiest things to understand at first glance, however once you break them down, it all makes a lot of sense. Plus, you can see just how much playing our syndicates improves your jackpot odds.

Select the syndicate you wish to play and then select how many shares you want. After this, select the duration for which you wish to partake in the Syndicate. Next, click Play Now to proceed to the cart.

The price depends on the Syndicate you choose to play and the amount of shares you select. For example – If the base price of a share for a syndicate is €5 you will pay €5 for one share. You’ll pay €10 for 2 shares, €15 for 3 shares and so on.

All your winnings are guaranteed to be paid out at Lucky Lotto! All plays are placed with the official lottery company, we do not operate insured schemes etc…

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